Photo Album

Student dressed as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer holding up the Peace sign
Students posing in the school hallway in pajamas
Staff and students pose in front of a mural in holiday ugly sweaters
Students pose in the community garden dressed in holiday clothes and holding a newly harvested carrot
Staff laughing and one staff holding a box of glasses during the white elephant game
View of patio and staff sitting at tables eating lunch
Staff sitting around a table with bowls in front of them
blindfolded staff scoop cotton balls in a bowl with a small spoon
staff reaching for cotton balls across the table with a small spoon
people sitting in chairs with Oreo cookies on their foreheads attempting to move them into their open mouths
Lead Teacher with Oreo cookie on forehead laughing with eyes closed
Teacher sitting in a chair with arms closed looking cross-eyed at an Oreo cookie resting on his nose